Just in case you did not hear – JOSE’s back!!!!!!!

So the Special One……sorry I mean the Happy One is back – though lets be honest it ain’t a surprise after his cut short ITV interview – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShIHb3kY3CI . Aren’t we all so delighted…….cough cough cough

Ok enough joking on a serious note the geezer from Portuguesa is back in the top flight of English football at his old stomping ground of Stamford Bridge looking to bring back the ‘tour de blue’ he brought between 2004 and 2007, before his acrimonious exit after a 1-1 draw versus Rosenberg in the Champions League. Experts are already heralding his return and saying its fantastic for the Premier League. That is something I’m going to reserve judgement on bearing in mind some of his antics in Spain – though its brilliant for the Chelsea fans as they will feel the good times will be coming back – though I’m sure the ones who really know about the so called beautiful game will be well aware that it will take more than just his presence to produce the success they crave down the Kings Road.

As always with Jose his timing is immaculate – he takes over a very good Chelsea squad (some would say a better one than he took over in 2004) at an opportune moment with high profile managerial changes at the two teams that finished above the West London club last season.  The Champions, Manchester United are starting the post Fergie era, with David Moyes taking over, their city neighbours up the road will also have a new manager, Manuel Pellegrini. Some people are saying that Arsenal (if they spend) can also take advantage of this situation occurring in Manchester. Mour has always had a very good record against the Gunners, so Chelsea are being touted as favourites for the Barclays Premier League next season, especially as Roman will be spending big time to try and get the title back which has resided in the North West of England for three seasons since Carlo Ancelotti’s side won it in the 2009-10 season.

Now lets get things right, Jose Mourinho is a brilliant manager – who gets results, his record is outstanding and ever since he really announced himself outside of Portugal in defeating Manchester United in the 2004  Champions League (his Porto team went on to win the competition) he has always delivered trophies wherever he has managed. However last season managing Real Madrid he won nothing – in his words ‘the worst of my career’. Bested convincingly by Barcelona in the league, beaten by city rivals Atletico in the Copa Del Rey and most importantly (to the Real hierarchy) he lost for the third year running in the semi-finals of the Champions League and failed to deliver the ‘decima’ – basically the main reason Real appointed him. Now some people will say he did well at Real. But is one league title and one Copa Del Rey good enough for Mou??????? Take into account his extreme tactics he used to try to overhaul Barcelona, which at one point culminated in him disgracefully poking / gouging, then Barca assistant manager, Tito Vilanova in the eye (he got sweet revenge the season just gone by winning the league title – his first one as a manager – you see novices can beat the so called ‘best manager in the world’). Furthermore his relationship with high profile players broke down markedly and it did get to the point where it all became about Jose, Jose, Jose. Even top managers need to learn from their mistakes.

As is known he has left Spain without many friends and as silly as it sounds he is rebuilding – slightly I’d say – his reputation. In my opinion he has started this process -his press conference earlier in the week was not the Mou of old, much more understated and modest. But its clear to me that the fires are still burning and once the race begins in August – I foresee the standard Mr Mourinho will come out – an extremely dangerous foe for any other managers in his way.

Let the roller coaster ride begin – will it end in success or disaster who knows, not many sequels are better than the original but this one may be just by sheer will of force.

What do peeps think??????? Let me know your thoughts – all comments gratefully received.



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