ITS ALL SAM BURGESS’S FAULT ISNT IT??????? – well according to some Rugby snobs (who like to go LCD – Lowest Common Denominator – for non maths geeks) he is to blame for everything but unfortunately for England a lot more things are responsible for the shambles that is their Rugby World Cup of 2015.


humiliationYes people its official England have given the worst ever performance as a host nation in the World Cup and are the laughing stock of World rugby and deserve every bit of flak coming their way. The game versus Australia disasterwas generally even in the initial stages but the Southern Hemisphere side were clinical in their oppositions ’22’ and when a spirited England team got within 7 points during the second half, they did something the English couldn’t the week before and used their nous and managed the game to perfection and ended up 13-33 winners. Sometimes in tournaments like this you can be unlucky, a bounce of the ball, a referee decision, an injury to a key player – well none of these are the reason for what has happened. England were just poor at crucial times – especially in the matches that matter and at this level that is unacceptable. The Wales game was the key – my previous blog on that match is at:-

OH WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!! – if you are Welsh that is


engnzHe may have coached the team when they became the first side to beat New Zealand after their 2011 World Cup victory but Stuart Lancaster’s record in matches that matter (the NZ match didn’t by the way) is appalling, well actually it worse than that as he has not won any. Four successive runner up finishes in the Six Nations says it all for me. Wales 30 v England 3 in 2013, France 26 England 24 in 2014, Ireland 19 England 9 in 2015 and to a lesser extent defeats in the 2012 Autumn internationals when they were pushing to increase their world ranking, which may have led to a kinder lossWorld Cup draw. In Lancaster’s first Six Nations campaign he sturlost a pulsating game against Wales 12-19 – justifiable as a new coach against at the time a crack Welsh team, but unfortunately it looks like they have hardly progressed as their defeat to their huge rivals was seemingly the same in their World Cup Pool defeat. Personally I feel he has progressed the team (some good youngsters have been given their head), but too slowly in the four years he has had – baby steps is not enough. Some would even argue he has taken the team backwards, as they at least got to the quarter finals at the last World Cup.

Starting Over

poolSo where now. Make no bones failing to get out of an admittedly tough Pool is just not good enough. The Cumbrian is an honourable man, but a resignation is required (with a deserved payoff), though I suspect there would have been some kind of break clause in the ridiculous long term contract extension he received BEFORE!!!!!!! the World Cup. His choice as captain Chris Robshaw chrisr will also need standing down in my opinion, he has been an adequate skipper for England (he has actually led the side more times than World Cup winning captain Martin Johnson!!!!!!! and only Will Carling has captained England on more occasions) – but he has been found wanting at key moments with the denouement being his ahem kick for the corner against the Welsh in the aforementioned World Cup Pool stage crunch match. Again hopefully he will also do the honourable thing and step down, especially as his performances in this competition have been poor and not up to the standard needed to challenge in a World Cup. Both Lancaster and Robshaw will probably now get their final farewell in the damp squib game against Uruguay this Saturday – I think this is fair.

WHERE NOW???????

scotland-v-england-six-nations-2016England next take the field on February 6th – away to Scotland at Murrayfield!!!!!!! As we stand the Scots will fancy their chances because England have shown they have a huge soft centre and are mentally weak. Whoever is in charge will rfu ianrneed to have made sure they have stamped their mark on the team in what will inevitably be a new era. There was a lot of talking before the World Cup and especially before the crucial game versus Australia, but what really mattered was what happens on the pitch and England were not good enough when it mattered and this needs to improve and fast. The richest Rugby Union in the world are now the most ridiculed and deservedly so – most money, most players, but cannot get out of their World Cup Pool hmmmmmm – they are currently 8th in the world rankings and it could get worse by the end of the tournament – embarrassing. Hard and tough decisions by Chief Executive Ian Ritchie will need to be made and fast or English rugby may have some hard times in the next few years.

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