Its a Red win in Manchester but nowt is won in December

Ok my Gary Neville moment has arrived!!!!!!! here goes…….

Well clash number one of this season between the Manchester giants is over. With all the petrol dollars put into the blue half of the city – and the fact that they are champions (deservedly so as any team that tops a table after 38 games deserves all the accolades – well done I say) – the clash of red and blue takes on even more significant proportions – especially as they sat first and second in the table clear of Chelsea in third at kick off. Now this blog will concentrate on the football, Ill leave others to talk about any other incidents that occurred.

Anyways what a match (for the neutral anyways) – Dominant City in the early stages and just like the landmark 1-6 game at Old Trafford, the away team scored well against the run of play. The goal from the Manchester derby specialist, Wayne Rooney (10 goals) was soon to be doubled as United took control as the reigning Premier League champions failed to build on their initial control. So 0-2 at half time and as an avid watcher of football (and so not a neutral as far as this game was concerned), I knew it was definitely NOT game over – I hate it when i’m right in this situation!!!!!!! A cracking second half followed, within 60 seconds a game that could have been 0-3, when Ashley Young slotted in after RVP had hit a sublime shot off the post, however the flag was up (wrongly), City went up the pitch and scored, Yaya Toure, after great work from Tevez and Aguero, either side of a fantastic double save from De Gea (shot stopping has never been his issue – even with his shoulder). So it was game back on – as said great especially for the neutral!!!!!!! City assumed control of proceedings and pushed hard for an equaliser against a laboured looking United, however with Young and Valencia on the flanks and off course Rooney and RVP up front the Red Devils were still dangerous on the break and they created  some good chances – none taken.

Now one of my mates watching (a neutral – no names but needless to say he is a Legend ;D) called it and said United need to score as City look like they definitely have a goal in them. Great defending from United followed as City pummelled a defence that had looked suspect all season, and finally from a corner (that was initially defended well) – the ball fell to Pablo Zabaleta (completely unmarked!!!!!!!) on the edge of the box and he drilled it into the net for a the equaliser their play had at that stage merited – 2-2, and City in the ascendancy – and looking favourite to get the winner. It did come eventually ;D, from the man that is looking like the buy of the summer and could be the difference in the final analysis – as long as he stays fit (I say looking up with hands clasped together :D)

Robin Van Persie – curled in the winner in stoppage time – after what can only be described as a cowardly attempt to block the shot by Samir Nasri. Now its funny these two were involved as they are linked, both ex-Arsenal players who had the chance to go to one of the Manchester clubs. One chose City, one chose United. Samir is a Champion so whatever he did or did not do on Sunday – his decision has been vindicated from a personal point of view (fans not gonna be happy mind you) and RVP is hoping to do the same, could that goal prove crucial, of course it could but I refer you to the title of this article – LONG LONG LONG WAY TO GO.

City can feel slightly hard done by the result, especially as United had only, yes you’ve guessed it, 3 shots on target. If it had ended a draw , I don’t think there would have been many complaints (though with United two up – gutted would have been the word of the dressing room) but you can’t take this away from United as they did create some great chances and if Ashley Young’s goal had have counted as it should have, then the score may have ended up closer to the 1-6 as City would have no doubt done what United did in that match and just have attacked to get back in the game, especially with the apparent clinical nature of the current United attacking options. Again credit to City and their comeback – that showed proper character and for all off the criticism Mancini gets – sometimes justified especially when one minute he says United are better than City (before match), then next he says City are better than United (after match) – sounds like a hardened scottish manager to me – I wonder who 😉 – and questions have been raised about his abilities in the Champions League, though tough groups have not been helpful, but credit where credits due Bobby Manc has instilled a never say die attitude – very similar to their opponents on the other side of the city – thats what wins you the trophies.

United are now 6 points clear and apparently according to some experts – the title is theirs- RIDICULOUS COMMENT!!!!!!! – they lost an 8 point lead in 6 matches last season and there are 22 games left. And with 5 more matches in a busy period to come between now and the 2nd January – it could easily change. It really gets my goat when these so called EXPERT 😀 pundits (that’s me laughing sarcastically btw) make so called sweeping statements with minimal basis. I’ve even taken a cursory glance at both teams last few matches in April and May 2013 – and United’s is a minefield – take my word for it.

Both teams will have their ups and downs all season and it will be a fight to the bitter end IMO – and come the next derby in April who knows where the teams will be, other teams may also challenge and thats not even taking into account the massive competitiveness of the Premier League. In football nowadays there are so many variables, such as form, injuries (especially to key players), refereeing decisions, getting the luck at the right time – oh and importantly there is a transfer window in January which is of benefit more to some teams than others especially if they have the money and a manager feels strengthening to a squad is needed. I reiterate though over 38 games – the best team always tops the table – it’s likely that team will be from Manchester but will it be Red or Blue??????? – though if Chelski spend well in January, especially if they get Radamel Falcao (WHAT A PLAYER!!!!!!!) they could easily get back in the mix – even with Rafa at the helm 😀

What do you think of my thorts – let me know – u can completely disagree, but tell me why.




  1. Marc (Richie) Richardson

    It’s a sad state of affairs that both city and united top the league with very little else in terms of competition. Perhaps they represent how the quality of the league has slipped over the last 3 years. City with a manager who throughout his managerial career has spent close to 1/2 £ billion has very little to show for the outlay (Seria A at its most corrupt during his tenure) and at city the shocking amount of money wasted (Santa Cruz, Boatang, Robino, Ballotelli, Milner, Johnson, and on and on and on). This level of spending would not be tolerated in any other club in the world without success. They look less even convincing this year and disgraced themselves and the premier league in this years champions league.
    United are no better this year than last year, other than the mercurial RVP. Defensively dreadful, lack presence in the centre, and Welbeck and Hernadez are so in and out they never get a run going. They do not have the resources to fill problem left back and central midfield areas, when I say resources I mean to get the top players in (Baines’s and Witzels of this world).
    In conclusion I foresee that Jose will return to the premier league, and that return will be to Chelsea. He will come back an even better coach….With Rafa on a short term contract and Jose, stating he will leave..It is almost perfect for the,”Special one,” to come home, and put an end to the very short spell of dominance from the third city of British football, Manchester.

  2. Biggishmouth (Post author)

    interesting analysis as always ritchie – very in depth – if mour does return to chelski – hopefully we will make moves for moyesy (sorry) when the great SAF finally calls it a day. third city of english football is a very interesting concept – ill except liverpool, but not london (how many teams) – North West England is the hotbed of english football ps may not have the resources but still up there mate pitching – we played well 2day but took foot off gas and sunderland could have got properly back in it with a bit of conviction. Roll on the rest of the season – plentyof ups and downs for all teams. ps nice break for fell coming up then!!!!!!!

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