whatever happens on the stag – stays on the stag!!!!!!!

Interesting title hey peeps. Well let me explain. For those who don’t know in a former life I used to be a teacher and worked on the Wirral for 6 years. I had a great time, but always planned to head back to Manchester at some point. Now across the water from the Wirral is the city of Liverpool and recently (well on Sat 20th October), I headed back there for a mates stag do (oh it was good, but please refer to the title of this article – I wont be saying too much). Now I’ve had plenty a good night in Liverpool (the stag was excellent btw), but on my return this time, it brought about memories that have obviously always been there but were dormant until that weekend.

It all started off with the train journey. I used to head back to Manc from the Wirral via the Mersey Travel train from Rock Ferry, then getting on a mainline vehicle to Manchester. On entering this time I realised it was my first trip past Edge Hill station and then through the long tunnel to Lime Street for a heck of a long time (My last few trips to Liverpool have been via the road).  I headed back to Manchester regularly when I lived on the Wirral and when I was back along the M62, I still enjoyed a visit back especially as I still had friends on the Wirral and in Liverpool. One infamous trip to Aintree races was a classic and involved my one and only visit to the Blue Angel (wonder if its still there???????) and lets just say I guarantee everyone had a cracking day and night and the fact that the whole group actually checked out of the hotel on time was either brilliant planning or a complete miracle – mainly the latter.

Anyways I felt a tingle as I entered Liverpool on the train, unfortunately I did not get much chance on that Saturday night to reminisce too much as was in a mad rush to actually get to the stag meet point, but I have to say just a couple of minutes loitering around at Lime Street I noticed massive differences and regeneration – it was so modern. So I decided that I would definitely have a look around after hotel kick out time on the Sunday. So quick taxi to my hotel (short journey 5 mins if that) – but dormant memories always come back and some of the things I saw from the taxi window, were so familiar – was great being back even if it was for a short time (less than 24 hours as it transpired)

Ok its Sunday and lets just say I’m a little worse for wear. Texts from peeps – but no reply was forthcoming, I was in mega hangover state – great night though – with picture and video evidence on camera. So I stumbled out of the hotel (11:59) and wandered down towards the city centre. Now my planned long look around the city was definitely going to have to be revised as I was feeling rather unwell. A bus was coming past – so I flagged it down got off at Lime Street to check my train times before I attempted a bit of a wonder round the city centre. So looking up at the departure board I noticed that my first possibility was at 1222 (Transpenine Express to the North East) and the next at 1252 (Central Train to Norwich) – again more memories stirred as I always used to plan to get the 22 mins past or the 52 mins past (or 8 to the hour) in the old days when heading off somewhere from my Wirral base. At this stage I thought – I needed my bed – and the look around Liverpool could wait, as  I only  just  remembered (drink had been taken!!!!!!!) that I would be back across to my mates in mid-December to help caddy for the infamous Brackenwood Golf Club Crimbo Comp  i.e. boozefest on the golf course 😀

Will also plan to have a look around Liverpool and the Wirral – Happy days – which all came flooding back on that weekend – well in between the excessive boozing, partying and……. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- STAG SITUATION 😉


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