Whats up with ROO!!!!!!!

Whilst England are preparing to begin another qualifying campaign for a major tournament – Wayne Rooney is recuperating for what could be up to 2 months out (ahem according to the experts – and by that I mean peeps who are just guessing) after a horrific looking injury. But maybes this will give him some thinking time, as he was a peripheral player anyway in the Fulham match after being dropped by SAF.

Anyways enough explanations – Mr Rooney gets a lot of hammer from opposition fans – which does make me laugh at times, yes he can be foul mouthed and has deserved to be sent off on a number of occasions, but so have a lot of other players. He is the easy target because he is hated by a lot of fans (partly I feel because of who he plays for).

There is no doubt in my mind that Wayne Rooney is a top class footballer – a teenage sensation, a goal scorer, a creator and a bull of a player. In my opinion he falls just below world class – as I cannot put him up there with Messi and Ronaldo and if they are the benchmark then he just does not match up – YET. And before you say – oh who can match up to the sacred 2, I’d say look at Falcao of Athletico Madrid, David Villa (my fave striker of all time), Bastian Schweinsteiger (of Bayern) – I think Rooney whilst as previously said a top notch player for me he does not match up to them for consistency of performance – AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL.

The one thing that does get on my nerves slightly though is the fact that some so called experts see dropping Rooney as sacrosanct. For me, no player should necessarily be guaranteed their place for club or country – let me explain – Rooney is probably England’s best player (definitely England’s best striker at the moment) but all hopes should not be pinned on one player. This incident shows how easy it can be to get injured – a completely freak accident has put Rooney out of two World Cup qualifiers and if England can’t field a replacement to do a good job – it says more about their strength in depth than how good or bad Rooney is.

It should be about the squad – which brings me to the club situation. Again Wayne Rooney should not necessarily be first choice admittedly he will play most games as he is a hell of a player, but if you think you’re the best complacency can set in – and the best players need to produce top performances – especially in high profile games ala the sacred 2 and others. Apparently according to some journo’s – SAF is flexing his muscles and wants Rooney to be on his game and doing the business on the pitch and keeping his nose clean off it ( which may be more of reason why he was dropped for the Fulham game). We have all been here before with Fergie and there is only one winner. I do have some sympathy for Wayne – 30+ goals last season and I would not necessarily blame him for Man United implosion at the end of the season – but maybe SAF still sees complacency in some players this term and targeting arguably the teams number one player keeps everyone on their toes – no one is safe.

As said Rooney has a lot of thinking time now – I expect him to come back and fight hard for his place – maybes that what he needs to get to the Messi and Ronaldo standard on a regular basis. This can’t be a bad thing for him and he is a street-fighter – but as Everton and Man United fans know all too well – if he does think pastures new would be good for him – he has a history of making his point and getting his way  whether its a move or a pay rise.

One thing is for sure the cameras and the attention of the world’s media will all be on him when he returns – whats the betting last minute winner – I’ll be saying CHEERSAROONEY if that’s the case 🙂




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