5 and out!!!!!!! Is Rooney about to leave the Theatre of Dreams???????

Fergie has gone, Moyes is in, but where will Wayne Rooney be next season. Apparently the crack striker has put in a transfer request for the second time and wants to leave Manchester United, again!!!!!!!

For me Rooney has been a very good player for the reds of Manchester, his goal scoring record is good, his assist record is good and you cannot fault his contribution to United’s major trophy cabinet – 5 Premier League Titles, 2 League Cup winners medals and a Champions League medal from that 2008 night in Moscow – Terry missed pen and all.

Now as fans of this blog are aware I wrote about Rooney way back in September and his slow start to the season and that he would need to buck up his ideas especially under Ferguson if he was going to enjoy a frutiful season and he has done in my opinion. He has not been as free scoring for his club this season as RVP has been used as the main striker, jusifiably so, if you look at his goalscoring record, but when he has played in up top he has scored goals especially for England where he has scored in his last few games after a bit of a drought.

Personally this season Rooney has not looked a happy player and not been ‘on it’ for me. I have said to a few mates it would not surprise me if he left at the end of the season. Don’t get me wrong I’d like to see him stay but has he been worth the reported 200k+ he is on a week, this season??????? Against Man City away he was fantastic and two goals followed, he scored a crucial winner at Fulham and his performance against Norwich with assists for Kagawa and a brilliant goal to round off a superb performance. However he has not been able to consistently put together the performances we have become accustomed  to in previous years. This may be because he has had to play in various different positions (such as right and left of the attacking trio) to accommodate RVP and he has been played in midfield at points this season, to help out in an area where Manchester United are weak and lets not forget that he was benched for arguably their biggest game of the season against Real Madrid, a situation that would have got him thinking – is this the place for me if I don’t get a start in a massive match.

Ok that brings me on to the last time Mr Rooney asked to leave Manchester United, apparently it was because Man Utd were not getting in the players he felt would push the team on. So its quite ironic that since then Manchester United have won the Premier League twice (they were within a minute of winning it 3 times) and been to a Champions League Final (which they lost to arguably one of the best club sides ever and no team would have lived with them on that night, in my opinion). The other is that United have been competitive in the transfer market – though targeting younger players , one being Shinji Kagawa who can play off the striker like Rooney and of course they have made marquee signings like RVP who has taken the place as Manchester United’s chief striker. What I’m trying to say is – has Rooney just thrown his toys out of the pram – which is slightly hypocritical when he asked for the club to make more pertinent signings to improve the team going forward???????

So where now for Rooney??????? Has he played his last match for Manchester United??????? His last major contribution to a game was at Old Trafford in a defeat at Chelsea when he lost possession and the visitors went up the pitch and scored. Some thought it was a foul, but Sir Alex didn’t which is maybes seen as more damning, however now he is leaving the current champions – its leaves the job up to the new man in charge coincidently, Rooney’s only other previous club manager David Moyes, you could not have made it up.

Your thoughts peeps, all very much appreciated.

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  1. Adam

    I completely disagree… is what id like to say but im anoyed that you have it pretty spot on. I dont think we’ve really seen the best from him for 5 years although he has still been our best player in that time.He hasnt reached the heights i know he could if, especially this season and I agree with Sir Fergie when he says an in form Wayne
    Rooney doesnt get left out. Its for those
    reasons along with his
    obvious lack of
    respect for the club and fans that I would absolutley sell him

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