We beat Brazil in a friendly – SO WHAT!!!!!!! Bigger and far more IMPORTANT challenges await England FC

We beat Brazil in a friendly – great – its always good to win – but come on peeps lets not get ahead of ourselves – see below :@

I have to admit – I’m a bit agitated by the reaction – especially of so called experts. Now some of you will think why. England have just beaten Brazil for the first time in 23 years – all should be great in the hallowed land of english football. But as usual in my opinion – England have beaten a top rank team and some peeps think we have arrived – ridiculous statement. I have a few questions:-

Have England qualified for World Cup 2014??????? NO

Do England have a World Cup record to be proud of??????? NO

Are England the most arrogant football team in the world – taking into account their so called prestige, resources and ahem popularity??????? A RESOUNDING YES (bit harsh – buts that how I reckon the rest of the world think – see world cup voting for 2006 and 2018 competitions) – we’re just not liked around the world.

Now some of those who don’t know me may think that I’m one of those England haters – far from it – I love the England national team – I always make time to watch their competitive matches especially the tournaments – but  for me – I try not to go too over the top until we actually win and perform well in the games that actually matter.

Ok let’s look at the match. Yes great win, it always is against a team that has won the World Cup 5 times. But Brazil also had chances, they missed a penalty, hit the bar, Neymar missed an open goal – so things could have been different. I mean in Brazil this will be seen as a national disaster, but I’d imagine if it really mattered they would produce – something England do not really have form for doing, well not regularly anyways.

Only a few months ago England were beaten by Sweden 4-2 (in a friendly) and reports were out that we were rubbish. I obviously was disappointed but did not feel it meant too much as again a friendly – I personally thought we played better in that match than we did against Poland in a qualifying game a month earlier – a game we got a draw in – JUST – cue more abuse – because we did not win. Seems to me anyways that if England win – we are the best in the world, if England lose we are rubbish – with analysis usually just focusing on the good or bad stuff dependent on the result and not any crossover.

Now I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom, we have good young players in place – Joe Hart, Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck Tom Cleverly. Good experienced players Wayne Rooney, Glenn Johnson, Ashley Cole with Stevie G having an international renaissance as captain and that’s not mentioning players like Lampard, Ashley Young, James Milner and Phil Jagielka, Leighton Baines and Joleon Lescott.  I have not even mentioned what some experts say is England’s best player for some time – Jack Wilshere – a youngster who clearly has potential – along with players like Phil Jones, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and Kyle Walker (apologies if I have missed some off) – but hopefully you get the gist – we have some younger players who could blossom into international stars. But essentially these players need to be able to prove themselves in the important matches when the pressure is on before I start going gung ho about how good we are. Furthermore they need to work as a team and earn their places with more emphasis on club performances and form instead of reputation. Football nowadays is a squad game – yes there are key players – but if they get injured or banned – other players have to be able to step in and do a job.

I’m usually pretty positive about England, honest!!!!!!!- I just have no interest in friendlies really and try not to take too much store in them. Basically for me its an opportunity for the manager to test out formations and tactics, plus you never know if both teams are really giving it 100% especially as they are usually at a time in the season choc full of important fixtures for players clubs. England have a habit of performing when it does not matter, unfortunately I liken them to a team battling for the Champions League place in the Premier League – a good team, with good players who can perform when up for it, but cannot grind out results due to a lack of consistency. Hence they tend to fall short in major competitions.

So back to the title of the blog – yeah we have beaten Brazil in a friendly that does not really matter too much – yeah there were positives and lets hope they are taken on board for when we play FYR Montenegro  on the 26th March in a crucial world cup qualifier where points are actually up for grabs. Lets be honest qualifying for tournaments is the most important thing at this stage and if England do come away from Podgorica with no points (and maybe even one point) I can assure you the papers, columnists, broadcasters and ahem experts wont be praising the team, and they will have gone from potentially winning the world cup to being the worst side in the world. In my opinion, England are a good international team – but not a top international team as we stand – we could win a competiiton – Greece managed it in 2004 – but got the required luck and performed heroically over a number of games – (something England at the moment need to be able to do as they are not good enough to win games on just their footballing ability).

So come on peeps what do you think – am I a half empty person or talking  a modicum of sense – let me know ya thoughts.




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