The Biggishmouth on the World Cup – Surely reality has struck – England are average at the moment – DEAL WITH IT PEEPS!!!!!!!

England enter the fray later today and even though I was a tad underwhelmed by England’s performances in their pre World Cup matches in Miami (against Ecuador and the thugs of Honduras) – I can’t say I’m surprised and it has at least damped down the standard hoopla (as we get closer to the start of the tournament) of bandwagon muppets thinking England are definites for World Cup glory. Admittedly it could happen  (I have had my patriotic £1 bet on it) stranger things have happened (Denmark in the 1992 Euros, Greece 2004 in the Euros – note NOT at a World Cup mind) but judging by the way they played at the Sun Life Stadium they are going to need every bit of luck to go their way. England entering this competition are lets be honest an average side, with good players (especially young players which bodes well for the future) but as a team in tournaments such as this they have underperformed for years and there are a lot of much better teams in the competition. Luckily, despite some people hammering the team constantly (and wrongly in my opinion as I’m not sure what they expect) – the hype has now died down and not much is seemingly expected. Personally getting out of their tough group (Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica) will in my opinion mean a good world cup anything more will be a bonus. So lets just sit back and relax and not expect too much – just so we can slag them off when they don’t win every game 5-0 and most importantly get behind the lads. COME ON ENGLAND.

I have not got a result wrong yet (only a matter of time mind) so for today here goes:-

Colombia 3 Greece 0

Uruguay 1 Costa Rica 0

England 0 Italy 0 (head over-ruling heart in this one)

Côte d’Ivoire 3 Japan 1

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