The Biggishmouth on the World Cup – Algeria on the verge of history

Algeria a young footballing country in international terms – they only joined FIFA in 1964. And now after 50+ years they are on the verge of history as they are in pole position  to qualify from Group H of the World Cup 2014 (after their 4-2 victory over South Korea) and make the knockout phase for the first time in thier history. They won the African Cup of Nations on their home soil in 1990, but getting out of their group in the World Cup would definitely give the country a massive sense of achievement. They have only qualified for the World Cup four times, firstly in 1982 when they shocked the world by beating the then twice winners and at the time European Championship holders, Germany 2-1 in thier first ever World Cup match!!!!!!! Only a disgraceful ‘carve up’ between the Germans and the Austrians stopped them from making the second phase of the competition. Since then they had appeared twice more before this year in Mexico 1986 and in South Africa 2010, however they didn’t win any games in these tournaments scoring only one goal across them. Their victory over South Korea was their first since 1982 and if they avoid defeat in their final group game against Russia (bar a massive goal swing by South Korea if they do draw) they will finish at least second in their group and progress to the round of 16. How they approach it will be interesting, I personally hope they play and attack like they did against South Korea (Russia need to win the match) especially the form that saw them three up at half time, and do not revert to type and try to defend it out which was a contributing factor to them losing their first match against Belgium after being a goal up. If they do progress potentially a match against Germany awaits. How ironic after the scandalous events of 1982. I know who I’ll be supporting if it ends up like that.

Todays predictions:-

Portugal 3 Ghana 1

USA 1 Germany 3

Algeria 2 Russia 2

South Korea 1 Belgium 3

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