The Biggishmouth on the World Cup – Crucial game for Roy Hodgson

Unfortunately for England their game today against Costa Rica will not influence their World Cup stay in any way as (if you have not heard already) they are OUT OUT OUT!!!!!!! However with two defeats and the usual cat calls for the manager, Roy Hodgson, to be ‘relieved’ of his duties (he has been backed by the FA – with a statement from Chairman – Greg Dyke) it is extremely important that a result, and a performance is evident. He would not want to leave the World Cup with three straight defeats – because that would just intensify the pressure on the 66 year old and his team. However if the worst does happen you would have to go back to the 1988 European Championship for when an England team lost all of its group matches. The manager then was the now sadly departed Bobby Robson, and after their final match (again a dead rubber in regards to England being able to qualify from the group) a 3-1 defeat to Russia, the calls for the manager to go were being shouted out loudly and vociferously. Robson was vilified by the press pack with concerted efforts to hound him out. He rode all the abuse, with great dignity, the FA backed him (apparently he did offer his resignation at some point) and what a great decision it was to keep him on, as we know what happened next, he got England to Italia 1990 and they were only a penalty shootout away from making the final – England’s best showing in a World Cup since 1966 and it has not been bettered since in five attempts. The lesson for me is that kneejerk reactions such as ‘sack the manager’ and ‘certain players should never play for England again’ are not always the solution as shown by our Bobby. Sometimes patience and actually allowing a manager their – usually the case in international football – four year cycle. For me Roy must be given the opportunity to work further with the very promising young players at his disposal. Qualification and a good showing at Euro 2016 is the target for Mr Hodgson, actually after this World Cup a MUST, no excuses.

Todays predictions:-

Costa Rica 1 England 2

Italy 2 Uruguay 1

Greece 1 Côte d’Ivoire 3

Japan 1 Colombia 2

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