BlackJOKE Rovers

Ok the title is slightly harsh but pretty close to the truth. Blackburn Rovers are now a laughing stock in the football world and here’s why…….

BOOM – September 29th 2012 – Steve Kean resigns – though he says this was forced as his position became untenable, due to fan anger and diminishing crowds – though they were in the top six when he departed.

BOOM – Henning Berg appointed as the new manager on 31st October 2012 and is sacked just 57 days later.

BOOM – On January 11th 2013, Michael Appleton leaves Blackpool after just 12 games and is appointed Blackburn Rovers new manager. However after 67 days and 15 games he has now been sacked.

Admittedly the records of Berg and Appleton did not make great reading, but if you keep sacking managers how is progress ever going to be made, unless you have a bucket load of cash to bankroll the team. Apparently Gary Bowyer is in charge now – his second stint as caretaker manager (Eric Black took over between Kean and Berg). As the title suggests JOKE JOKE JOKE.

Now lets go back to where the problems began. In November 2010, the Venky’s took over Blackburn, at the time with Sam Allardyce as manager. A month later they sacked him and appointed Steve Kean, who kept them up that season. But the following season with Kean at the helm they were relegated to the Championship amidst a lot of fan unrest. And the current state of the club, well managerless, just 4 points above the relegation zone, 18th in the Championship and now the possibility of back to back relegations is on the horizon.

Questions have to be asked

1) What are the Venky’s doing with the club – what is their end game??????? or are they really just clueless as it seems in regards to running a football club.

2) The myth that is Shebby Singh – appointed by the Venky’s as Blackburn’s so called Global Advisor – well Clueless Advisor in my opinion judging by what is happening. He appeared on 5lives 606 programme after Henning Berg’s sacking and basically just waffled on about the issues at Blackburn (have a listen – and as well as calling Robbie Savage’s co-presenter (Darren Fletcher) Robbie throughout the interview, he spent most of it pontificating and not really answering any of the questions put to him properly – even when fans came on to ask him about what is actually happening at the club. Very patronising in my opinion. Fans must be thinking what does he do (if anything) that is helping the club.

3) In respect to the two above, what happens if they do go down??????? One positive is the fact that Gary Bowyer won three of his four matches in charge, so I assume they are hoping he can have a similar effect on the team second time round till the end of the season before the owners can regroup and pick YET another manager.

Now I’m not a Blackburn fan (if you read the blog you would know), I don’t even have a particular soft spot for the club, but some of the things that are happening at the club – well you could put into a book of fiction and people would read it and say how unbelievable it is. Worryingly for Blackburn Rovers fans its oh so true.

So what do you think are Blackburn doomed, are the fans partly to blame for their hounding out of Steve Kean – who compared to the other managers records this season was doing pretty well. Venky’s out??????? (silly question really) – let me know your thoughts.


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