Close but no cigar for Muzza, Still work to be done at FIFA and Copa America thoughts

So Andy Murray ahem ‘fails’ again – I don’t mean it like that but a lot a people will. I’m talking about another failed Grand Slam title bid at the French Open and for the second time this year it was ended by his nemesis Novak Djokovic, who coincidentally is the man Muzza beat in his two Grand Slam title victories to date, unfortunately since that heady, beautifully sunny and warm day at Wimbledon in July 2013 muzza wimbledon he has not managed to beat the Serb in any match – eight defeats and counting. However I personally saw a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. He brilliantly came back from a two set deficit with some outstanding play on the clay and went toe to toe with the world number one – who is on the top of his game despite his French Open Final defeat to Stan Wawrinka, which was only his third loss this year. The Scot looked physically at his best since that Wimbledon win and it was massive disappointment that he lost the deciding set pretty easily 6-1 and it is not the first time he has collapsed in a final set against Djokovic which tells me it is all up in his head, but I feel that when he gets over the line it can be the springboard to even further success. Novak himself has had to work through a few issues, before his 2014 Wimbledon win he had lost five out of six slam finals – he has now won 2 out of his last 3. For me with Nadal and Federer not at the top of their game as we stand – Djoko and Muzza novak-djokovic-andy-murray-french-open could be the great rivalry for the next couple of years at least and Andy knows he is close but at the end of the day close does not win you titles. The rest of this year is crucial for Murray as he will be targeting to win at least Wimbledon or the US Open and the likelihood is a certain Mr Djokovic will have to be bested at some point along the way. An intriguing second half of the year to come me thinks.

So Sepp is gone (though he is still in post!!!!!!!) – at last the corruption rumours that have hung over FIFA seem to not be hidden anymore. Arrests, investigations, whistle blowers, bribes, back handers – you name it  – things are not looking good at the top table of world football. Even though he is still around – WHEN (hopefully) Blatter sepp!!!!!!! goes that does not mean all is right at the organisation, this has to be just the beginning. The whole ethos and climate has to change from one of greed and freeloading to one of giving back to the game right across the world showing accountability for decisions that are made. The key word is REFORM and there is still a long way to go for that to happen. I am hoping that in the next few weeks and months the ‘bad eggs’ and seemingly there are a lot of them – are sought and kicked out for the good of the game. corruptedfifa With the recent goings on the future looks bright but there needs to be huge changes in how FIFA is run.

This time next year we will be building up to the European Championships in France, but this summer its the turn of the South Americans (and the invitees – Mexico and Jamaica this time) to see who is best on their continent. After last years World Cup in Brazil when the South American teams generally flourished, it will interesting to see who comes out on top. Obviously the usual suspects Brazil and Argentina will be favourites, but this tournament does tend to throw up a few surprises with Uruguay uruguay winning on Argentinian soil the last time. Two teams impressed me massively last World Cup – Chile and Colombia (both beaten by Brazil). Chile are the hosts so I feel they will do well, but I’ve got a sneaky feeling for Colombia, they are strong defensively, very combative in midfield and have plenty of options going forward – James Rodriguez being the chief architect. Jose Pekerman’s men were cruelly robbed in Brazil last year by, lets just say some eccentric, officiating in their quarter final clash that patently favoured the host nation and with a game against the Brazilians in the group stage – revenge can be gained and then a run to the title – maybes with a final against Chile. The fight for supremacy at the Copa America begins on the 11th June it should be fun. copa america

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