Clueless Management, Clueless Players, Clueless England oh and add Inept, Abject, Complacent and Arrogant!!!

epic failA shambles performance from a shambles team and a shambles manager whose tactics were as clueless as his selection policy, make no bones about it the performance against Iceland was an absolute disgrace. An abject, inept mess which both the managerial team and players are massively culpable. Roy Hodgson deserved credit for qualifying England to Euro 2016 with a perfect 10 out of 10 record and to be fair has brought through a much youthful team than the one left after the remnants of World Cup 2014, a battle won, especially as many thought he would not survive if he lost the first qualifier away in Switzerland. However when push came to shove in the heat of the war at the European Championships he went back to his default setting of – picking players he trusts and players from certain clubs oh and tactics nobody could work out – well Roy these players have basically helped to get you the sack when if you had any gumption you would have made changes and dropped some of these CLEARLY underperforming ‘so called stars’ and things may have turned out differently. The imbalance of the squad always concerned me and the chickens have come home to roost.


Roy was lucky to keep his job after the World Cup and he had a chance for redemption but has failed miserably along with his players. Straight after the game he read a resignation statement which was weak for me; and the content showed little respect to the people expecting answers for England latest debacle, it contained phrases such as “these things happen” and “the players did everything they could” – does he think we are all fools!!!!!!! The convenience of its speed too roy1tells me he knew he was a dead man walking anyway, though the FA’s briefing against him during the tournament undermined him at totally the wrong time. He eventually  deigned to speak to the media  and sounded deluded talking about not understanding why he was there, how he couldn’t see a performance like that coming from his team and was generally happy with their showing at the tournament in the three previous matches. Bye bye Roy, you are a good man but when given the opportunity you just weren’t up to it. Enjoy your holidays, and just remember those players who you trusted will more than likely still be there carrying on and maybe just maybe help get another manager the boot. Get your tin hat on the criticism will continue for some time.


del bosqueOn the same day another manager who was lucky to keep his job after the World Cup, Spain’s, Vicente del Bosque, also saw his team knocked out and surely he will be on his way soon. He will at least leave with some dignity as he had previously won the World Cup in 2010 and then followed that up with Euro 2012 and that’s not even mentioning the 2 La Liga and 2 Champions League titles he led Real Madrid to – a CV Hodgson can only wish he had. Enjoy your retirement – the time has come for a well earned rest.

There will be daily predictions on Euro 2016 and comment as and when I get the opportunity to pass on my take on the goings on in the tournament – enjoy – let me know your thoughts.

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