And now for something completely different!!!!!!!

Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields – names, peeps who know me, will be thinking who the feck are they??????? (especially in a sporting context).

Well basically they have nothing to do with sport and everything to do with a book I have just read called Ruthless. However for those who know the Pretty Little Liars series of books then these names will be household and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Okay some background – basically Pretty Little Liars is a series of books  written by a brilliant author called Sara Shepard – there have been a number of other  books – admittedly which I have not read. My interest in the Ruthless book of the series was only because it is the nickname of one of my mates and the person I lent it off did warn me that there were loads of books in the  series and I would not entirely understand what was going on. They were right but it did not stop me enjoying a cracking read.

The other thing my erstwhile lender said to me was that it would be trashy. That did not stop me – as I explained to them it was the name that attracted me to the book and the fact it was pretty easy reading (I ain’t no book worm but do like the odd read of a book that intrigues me)

Anyways just for the count Ruthless is book number 10 in the series and don’t worry I aint gonna spoil it for yas – but after a beginning where admittedly I was a bit lost – things started to take shape and unravel and the mysteries deepened and deepened. The way the author inter-weaved the lives of the four main protagonists was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed the madness of it all. Obviously I did have to check back at various times to remind myself what had happened before but everything intertwined brilliantly.

As for the trash – yes its full of it – but it is about 4 young ladies  trying to enjoy their lives despite dark secrets seemingly following them everywhere they go, add in the normal issues that an adolescent goes through when they are reaching the end of their teenage years then its – TRASH FACTOR TO THE MAX.

The fact I do like a book of this type wont surprise some of my friends – I am more than happy to admit I do love my trash telly too – such  as MIC (Made in Chelsea) for those not in the know ;), Revenge with the lovely Emily VanCamp and on occasion I have even tuned into Towie. Everyone has what may be called guilty secrets – not that I see this as one of mine – basically its just a damn good book and I am lucky it had a name that attracted me to it.

Obviously I’m not going to give the plot away but needelss to say if you have begun the series – you’re gonna have a ball – top story writing and telling and a bit of advice don’t go on the wiki site – it will spoil it for yas ;D

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