So Radamel Falcao is 99% certain to join Chelsea – all terms and fees for the deal have been agreed just a medical is required on his return from the Copa America. My thoughts – all the best to the bloke. He did not perform at Manchester United and only a FOOL would have taken up the £40 million + transfer fee and £250000+ wages on a long term deal on what we witnessed last season. Personally I don’t think Louis Van Gaal used him properly, lvghe is a penalty box striker not a hold up all round striker, even before his knee injury he would have struggled to do what the manager was asking. My memory of him in a red shirt (apart from the fact he was giving his all) is not his goals but seeing him chasing the ball against Preston in the FA Cup into his OWN HALF just to chest it and pass it to someone then start the long run back into the opposition half – sorry Louis not his strength at all. United sold Danny Welbeck for 16 million pounds and with that money brought in Falcao and it basically covered the Colombian’s loan fee and wages. It just did not work and he was rightly (if somewhat unluckily in regards of the fact he was never given the correct role in my opinion) let go looking at the astronomic fee and wages that would have had to be paid.


jmjmOne thing to mention in regards to the proposed deal to Chelsea. Jose Mourinho and Falcao have the same agent (well super agent) if you look at his clients and that man is Jorge Mendes . This would have smoothed over any deal especially as it is being reported that Falcao will take a massive cut in his current wage when he signs. Monaco will bag another loan fee but they will be more than happy to just have his extortionate wages off their payroll. There is no doubt that in his pomp Falcao (nicknamed El Tigre) rfdc was probably the best striker on the planet, I watched him regularly when he was at Atletico Madrid and at that time there was no one better. The knee injury has obviously not helped and now it’s up to the Portuguese manager to get him back to somewhere near that level and if he does he will have a quality striker on his hands. Something that will help is that he will have the opportunity to pair up again with Diego Costa  and these two caused havoc in Spain as a pairing and maybe that’s what Mour has in mind. It will be very interesting to see how he fares, but if someone can get a tune out of him its Jose and if I may give the self-styled ‘Special One’ a bit of advice – I’d play him in and around the penalty area as that is where he comes alive and you will see him at his best.

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