Film 2013 – well so far anyways

So eight months and two days later  I have now been to the cinema and seen a better film than the first one I saw in 2013. On Saturday 26th January I made my way to the cinema to see Zero Dark Thirty. I was spoiled an outstanding film about the decade long manhunt of Osama Bin Laden (157 minutes of gripping drama) Jessica Chastain outstanding as the heroine who would just not give up in the search for the most wanted man in the world. With a brilliant support cast, Jason Clarke as Dan being the standout – I massively recommend – it may be long but its well worth the time if you have not seen.
So since that day I’ve been back to the cinema on numerous occasions but its only now that I have been gripped with another film as good.
Not that I have not seen some good films since:- Welcome to the Punch surprised me and I loved films based on true life events like The Iceman and Pain and Gain. I am a massive fan of Alan Partridge and Alpha Papa was a very enjoyable 90+ minutes (and my fave comedy watch of the year), but there was just not enough substance to it to justify it being better than Zero Dark Thirty. There were the superhero films which I have always enjoyed with Wolverine edging out Man of Steel and Kick Ass as my favourite.
One film that I did not appreciate at the time was Elysium – I basically just went to see it because it had Matt Damon in it and I’m a big fan of his. The Bourne films being my particular favourites. However at the time of seeing it I felt I had just popped in to see it just because of him and did not take in that there was an actual storyline. I went to see it again (though I did not pay the second time – a bit of a dodgy deal) and concentrated throughout and I highly recommend an excellent film that did pull at my heart strings, the only thing that let it down were periods of action that were literally a lot of shouting and bawling that in my opinion detracted from the whole premise of the film.
Anyway now onto the film I have to say has just pipped Zero Dark Thirty as my favourite so far. Its called Prisoners and let me tell you the title is a bit ambiguous to say the least. Again it is a long film (153 minutes) and it was worth every minute (no liquid intake beforehand – so no toilet breaks required) – I did not want to miss any sections with plot twist after plot twist. The film is about the abduction of two girls and the family fallout along with the police investigation. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal are the headline cast and their performances are outstanding. Its set in a small town which seems to always be in the grip of either very wet or very cold weather at Thanksgiving time of the year. You will not be disappointed by this film, the last thirty minutes are the best I have seen this year and I suppose that’s what just pips it for me as you don’t actually know the result of this film, whereas with Zero Dark Thirty you do. I highly recommend both, ZD30 is now on DVD, blu-ray etc, Prisoners is just out at the cinemas – go see – TOP QUALITY – in my opinion.
Here’s my full list of films watched so far this year – a decent selection I’d say.
Zero Dark Thirty, Die Hard 5, Stoker, Welcome to the Punch, Olympus has Fallen, Hangover Part 3, Byzantium ,The Iceman, Man of Steel,
The Wolverine , Red 2, Alan Partridge – Apha Papa, Kick Ass 2, Were the Millers, Elysium, Pain and Gain, Rush, White House Down, The Call, Prisoners
My turkey of 2013 well it has to be Die Hard 5. I love the Die Hard films and the first one is still one of my all time faves a classic action adventure with a loveable if somewhat aloof hero, with a story underneath all the crash bang and wallop. Unfortunately in its fifth incarnation – it is loud and that’s about it – its pretty poor in my opinion basically just making a film because of the franchise, I hope if there is a sixth incarnation they actually make a film with substance and are not just thinking about the pound signs (unlikely mind)
So if you like your film, what do you think of my choice, maybe you have a recommendation(s) yourself let me know your thoughts.

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