Some Football Chat – England, Sam, Rooney, Leaders and Spurs

big samSo Big Sam has gone for the easy option, though some would say it was the only option, in picking Wayne Rooney as captain of his England team. To be honest experience wise he is the only choice, but the worry is if he is not good enough for the starting 11, what happens, does he get picked anyway to the detriment of the team or will Sam be strong enough to bench him. At least the new manager has defined his position as a number 10 / attacking midfielder which for me is where he is best served, but the crunch will come when he is not the best performing English player in that position in the country, it could even be argued he isn’t now.


A big worry for the new manager is the total lack of leaders within the current England set up. Let’s be honest, as I intimated before, roo england Rooney is a default option as there is nobody else that has any proven ability as a captain at club or country apart from maybe Jordan Henderson, but he most definitely is not a shoo in for a starting spot in my opinion. Rooney has done an adequate job as the skipper of his nation, but the main issue for me is about whether he will always be worth is place in the starting 11 as your captain should be when fit.


leadersAs well as wins, Big Sam also needs to breed some leaders throughout the team for the future, especially as Wazza has already made his own decision to retire from international football after the World Cup in Russia. The new manager will be very much hoping he is not having a decision like that made for him come the end of qualification or the World Cup itself. For me picking Rooney as your number one leader is not the key decision, it is what he does with him if it becomes clear he should not be in the team. Sentiment has to be put to one side in this situation.


Just quick comment on Tottenham Hotspur so far this season. They had a great 2015/16 campaign, no doubt, becoming the only viable spurs blown it challengers to Leicester City before crashing and burning late on in the season when they had a small sniff of piling some real pressure on the Foxes. The battering they got on the last day by Newcastle (which allowed Arsenal to steal second place) was as some would describe as very ‘Spursy’, though the consolation was the fact they did qualify automatically for the Champions League for the 2016/17 season.


backboneI think it is fair to say they have not been at their best so far this season but personally I think they have shown some of the backbone that was crucially missing in the key phases at the end of their last campaign. They were awful against Everton in the first half, but fought back to get a point. They struggled at home to Crystal Palace but found a way to win and versus Liverpool they were outplayed for long periods of the game but again fought back for what some might say was a very fortunate share of the spoils, but they got the share which is important. Unbeaten with five points and a showing of resilience htoguhout their matches so far, I think it is fair to say that, the Lilywhites are not going anywhere and will be challenging in the upper echelons of the league throughout the season.

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