Football – who knows what can happen??????? – the unexpected thats what!!!!!!! and Ryder Cup thoughts

A team that has spent over 150 million pounds in the last transfer window (and have won the most top flight titles) lead a newly promoted team (who spent less than 20 million in the same window) 1-3 after 60 minutes. A controversial refereeing decision and a shambolic collapse later, they ship four goals in 21 minutes and end up losing 5-3. To top it all, they have a player sent off by the referee. A great win for the team who have just returned to the top division after a 10 year gap, especially factoring in that the visitors had never ever given up a two goal lead and then lost the match in the current era of top flight league football.

A team who are challenging for a top four place are at home against a side tipped for relegation who are seeking their first win of the season after having three managers in less than year!!!!!!! Their fans are very disgruntled to say the least!!!!!!! Their current manager is new and inexperienced and a long day at the office is expected!!!!!!! However a dominant performance by the underdogs eventually sees a deserved late breakthrough from a corner for their first win of the season.

Up and coming team reinvigorated by a new manager during his first year in charge, now in his second term, take on a struggling side (whose extremely successful manager left the club days before the start of the season) at home. Complete dominance and a goal put the hosts in control, but a silly penalty giveaway allows the away team back into the game. The visitors then take some semblance of control, play some fantastic football and take full advantage of any errors from the home team and record an unlikely, amazing and ultimately deserved 2-3 victory, much to their new managers delight.

The league leaders, who have won all their matches, visit the defending champions – the two best teams in the league ready battle to it out. The home team dominate but cannot find the breakthrough and then have a player sent off. The away team, under the management of one of the world’s greatest are now in dreamland and have a fantastic chance of beating ‘as we stand’ the only other team likely to challenge for the title. A brilliant breakaway goal puts them a goal up and it nearly becomes two when they hit the post soon after. However the champions ‘go again’ and get back into the game even with a man down and show fight and spirit to equalise through a player who spent 13 years at the away team and is a legend to their fans, but has now helped his new club gain a crucial point in a match they looked like losing all ends up. Bittersweet for the visiting London team.

The above are just narratives of what happened in the English Premier League on Sunday 21st September, the actual results as below:-

Leicester 5 Manchester United 3

Tottenham Hotspur 0 West Bromwich Albion 1

Everton 2 Crystal Palace 3

Manchester City 1 Chelsea 1

Now you could not make some of these things up, if these had been written before the matches took place, I suspect the actual events in all the games could be seen as just potential for a bit of fiction as surely they could not happen in real life 😀 Football is a game that never ceases to amaze me anyways – last Sunday was probably ‘manna from heaven’ for all football fans, though if you support United, Everton or Spurs – I suspect you are a bit more down than the Leicester, Palace and the boing boing Baggies fans, (City and Chelsea fans will probably both be content). One thing is for sure this will NOT be the last day of football, Premier League or otherwise that will amaze surprise and let’s be honest shock at times the watchers of the so called ‘beautiful game’.

The Ryder Cup, (which I personally think is the greatest tournament in golf – some would say the greatest team tournament in the world) takes place over this coming weekend (starting this coming Friday – 26th September) at the Gleneagles Golf Course in Scotland, After decades of dominance by the Americans, seemingly, according to some experts, the European team apparently only need to turn up and the trophy is theirs after seven wins in the last nine tournaments – but the dynamic of team golf makes the outcome in my opinion unpredictable. Europe are the favourites, and rightly so, they are on home soil (the USA’s last win on European soil was in the last millennia – 1999), they have the world number one and twice 2014 major winner, Rory Mcllroy, in their ranks and I’m sure the last match aka ‘The Miracle of Medinah’ will still be on ‘American Minds’, though according to their captain, Tom Watson this is going to be a motivating factor with an opportunity for ‘redemption’. Anyways the men from ‘over the pond’ last won the trophy in 2008, but they have only lost the last two competitions by one point, which tells me that no matter who is involved, it will be a close contest. So who is going to win, who knows (I’ll naturally be rooting for Europe) but I do expect it to be a tussle that will go down to the wire late on Sunday.

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  1. Adam

    Leicester were dead and buried until an absolutely diabolical decision from the referee gifts them a way back into the game. From the assault on Rafael to giving a penalty 2 seconds later for the minimalist of contact and a dive to not sending off De Laet for an obvious second yellow the man is a disgrace! That’s not even mentioning the foul on Blackett leading up to the second penalty which might have been soft but when you’ve given that 1st penalty it should be a given! It was against Man United though so not a mention in the press, in fact the villain of the piece Vardy is being lauded as some kind of hero because his cheating helped beat United. Imagine it was the other way around and substitute Vardy for Young! Barely even a mention of this, the ugly side of football, in your blog though! No, this weekend’s game, the shameful reaction from the press and the glossing over the penalty/Vardy debacle has left me with a real sour taste!

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