NOT GOOD ENOUGH from the red half of Manchester = PELLE is the King of Manchester for now

The Etihad stadium – Manchester – circa 17:53, Howard Webb blows the final whistle and the first Manchester derby of the 2013-14 season is over – 4-1 to the home team –  a fully deserved victory of power, pace and control and despite the so called Sky pundits –  for me Vincent Kompany (legend and a great man) was the man of the match as United showed nothing for most of the game. They did improve but I’d argue – its easy to play when your 4-0 down and can’t win. Fair play to Manchester City, they were first to the ball, far more decisive and more worryingly for Manchester United as VK said they were more up for it, against the champions.

I was watching at a mates house (big up to Andy and Helen for their hospitality btw) at 23 mins I said I’d take only being 1-0 down with 20 mins left that much was City’s dominance and then at 45 mins (with +one min added) I said – concentration boys need to go in only one down – poor defending at a throw in and a corner later it was 2-0. Then two mins into the second half it was 3-0 and basically game over, five mins in 4-0 and definitely game over. Brilliant blue, limp red.

So where now for the Manchester clubs???????

A lot more questions for Mr Moyes and in my opinion their flawed transfer policy of the summer is now coming back to haunt them. David Moyes seemingly is taking all the flak (he does deserve some as he is the manager) but Ed Woodward is the key figure, a joke of a performance in the transfer market over the summer – with only one recruit (Marouane Fellaini) – bought at four million more than the buyout clause mind. I think he was a good buy – but why pay more than you have too – get the player into the squad early and available for the first three league games (where only four points were gained) – this could have been more with him available. Losing to Manchester City is not a disaster (they are a top side with top players) but its the manner of the defeat which frankly was appalling, especially against your local rivals. David Moyes now needs to stamp his authority on the team sooner rather than later, yes it is early days and they did have a very difficult start to the season, but if you allow yourself to fall further and further behind the pressure mounts – wins the key now. Ps United fans would like to say many thanks to the Sunderland AFC hierarchy for sacking Mr Di Canio as it took a smidgen of the heat off the Premier League Champions, well till Moyes next appointment with the press anyways!!!!!!!

So for Manchester City another day of jubilation (ala October 23rd 2011 – boo hiss ;D). They will be massively buoyed by this result and quite rightly are clear favourites for the Premier League title. However we are five games in and there is a lot more football to be played. I mention two situations, firstly Cardiff a month ago (nuff said) and secondly when I bumped into my mate who had been to their 0-0 draw versus Stoke last week  his words ‘you’ll batter us next week’ – my reply was along the lines of  ‘its another day, you have top players and your lot will be massively up to take us down’. Unfortunately that’s how it transpired (from my point of view anyways). The blue half of Manchester know full well that they will need to build upon this result as they are not even top of the table themselves. Both Pelle and their captain are fully aware of this and know defeat to Aston Villa next week will mean this result counts for nothing other than bragging rights – which lets be fair wont keep Manuel in a job for too long judging by what happened to Roberto Mancini.

So bragging rights in Manchester are with the blue side for now – a marker has been well and truly lad – though the red side are still champions and no trophies are handed out in September. The basis is now set for a long season until March when the next scheduled match between the Manchester giants at Old Trafford is set – how significant will that game be in terms of the title, maybes just in terms of Champions league places.  Long way to go till then mind. Let me know your thoughts.


  1. Andy

    Need a result Vs Liverpool next to steady the ship.

  2. Biggishmouth (Post author)

    job done wed – so not job don today – moyes learning the hard way managing man utd so NOT the same as managing everton major work to do – transfer window dealings now looking like a complete joke

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