As those who know me and now those who don’t, I’ve never been a fan of Jose Mourinho and I didn’t want him at Old Trafford in the 1st place. Having said that, I think he’s done a reasonable job up to the end of last season, even if the football has been dire at times. I think the time is coming that we need to rip things up and start again though. I’m not talking about now; we’ve seen enough knee jerk reactions. We need to appoint the Director of Football as soon as possible and work needs to be done on a plan of how we’re going to come up with a consistent and long term approach to bring success and above all, good football, back to Old Trafford. Mourinho is not the man to do that as manager though, I think that’s blatantly clear to everyone.


He has players there who are in the mould of Manchester United players of old, that he can’t get a tune out of. Luke Shaw is a good, young full back with all the attributes to be our left back for many years to come. We have Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, who I can’t help but think would be tearing the Premier League apart if Sir Alex was their manager, but he can’t seem to get them playing consistently well. Then there is Alexis Sanchez, who when he was at Arsenal was the epitome of determination and effort with power, skill and attacking prowess to match. He often dragged The Gunners to wins with his skill and tenacity, standing out when it counted, which is the very definition of a United player, but he just looks lost at United under Mourinho.


Just Look at some of the signings he’s made; Romelu Lukaku, is never going to be the world class striker we need. Nemanja Matic is a good player when we needed a world class midfielder. Fred looks like another decent player, but again, we are desperate for a world class midfielder and I’d question whether he is any better than Ander Hererra. Eric Bailly looked good for half a season but looks dodgy as ever now and is not the world class central defender we needed and Lindelof looks way out of his depth. So in my opinion, he has signed no one that has improved the 1st 11 since he’s been here, and then moans because the club don’t let him spend another £100m on more players!


Last but by no means least is Paul Pogba, or Pogpoo (or variants as you will see below) as I see it. This may sound like strong words, but I just don’t rate him, I think he is a virus infecting the club, team and that we need to get rid of him soon as possible. He has the odd decent (but never world class) game, but 95% of the time he does absolutely nothing and his attitude is the exact opposite of the aforementioned, ‘typical United player’, and it rubs off on his teammates. Not to mention the fact that, when he plays and he’s in his usual can’t be arsed mood, it’s like we’re playing with 10 men, he is a complete liability! Then he goes talking to the press and blaming other people or courting other clubs, as if he isn’t one of, if not the main problem in the team. If Barcelona are willing to give us £150m+ for him (I’d take £1.50 btw), we should bite their hands off and reinvest that money on a proper world class midfielder, because that is the number 1 thing we are in desperate need for and he is never going to be it.


It’s just so frustrating because we have a decent squad that I believe could be taken to the next level really quickly at a net profit, mainly due to selling Pogshart, but also replacing 4 of those sold by giving some of our good young players a chance. Take Bailly and Fosu-Mensah for example, why are we paying £30m and big wages for someone who is no better than Fosu-Mensah!? So get rid of the failed centre backs, bring Fosu-Mensah and Tuanzebe back and sign 1 world class centre back, why not, they can’t be any worse than the rubbish we have at the moment! Up front, get rid of the decidedly average Lukaku and sign a proper centre forward like Cavani! I know he’s 31 now, but he is class and would rip Premier League defences apart, plus the fact he’d only have 2 or 3 years is a good thing! Rashford could learn off a proper world class striker and at the age of 23, when Cavani leaves, we’d have a ready-made, world class replacement! Most of all though, get rid of Pogcrap and get a proper world class midfielder in and from what I’ve seen of Milinkovic-Savic, he is that player and younger too!


If I took over tomorrow, this is the business I would do;

Out Replacement
Jones £10,000,000 Alderweireld £25,000,000
Bailly £20,000,000 Fosu-Mensah 0
Lindelof £15,000,000 Tuanzebe 0
Pogba £150,000,000 Pereira 0
Fellaini £5,000,000 Milinkovic-Savic £100,000,000
Lukaku £50,000,000 Cavani £50,000,000
Sanchez £20,000,000 Pulisic £80,000,000
Mata £10,000,000 Gomes 0
Total £280,000,000 Total £255,000,000


And this is the team I would end up with;

De Gea

Valencia, Smalling, Alderweireld, Shaw


Fred           Milinkovic-Savic

Pulisic              Cavani                   Rashford

Subs:- Romero, Dalot, Fosu-Mensah, Pereira, Gomes, Lingard, Martial

There is still room for improvement there but we’d go from a team with 1 world class player, a goalkeeper. To a team with 4 world class players, without upsetting the applecart too much. The biggest thing for me though is the kind of players Savic and Cavani are, they are extremely determined and give everything in every game, which is exactly what we need! I’d be looking for a world class defensive midfielder and a world class centre back the following year, then I believe we would be one of the best teams in Europe again!


On managers, Zinedine Zidane seems to be the front runner. I’d be concerned that he’d keep Pogshart, but he does have an outstanding recent record, albeit with an excellent Real Madrid team. He would attract the players though and I don’t think we’d have any trouble signing the players I’ve just mentioned if he was in charge. I can’t see any team he manages playing dire football either, so I think he would be a good appointment on balance. I have not discounted Ryan Giggs for the future just yet either, although I think January or the summer would be too soon for him. If there is ever going to be a chance of another dynasty like the Fergie one, although it is a huge long shot, he is our only chance of that, so I think it’s worth keeping an eye on how he gets on with Wales.

So what do think? Do you agree with Richard. Do Manchester United need to keep faith in their Portuguese manager and let him do things his way. Should Pogba be continually indulged. What changes do the club need to make to get back to somewhere near challenging for the top honours.

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