Its hard being KP apparently – WTF!!!!!!!

Kevin Pietersen – HAHAHA

To begin – i’ll be honest he is not my favourite person but as a cricket follower it’s a FACT that he is England’s best player – but clearly not England’s best team player.

The thing that makes me laugh is his continual backtracking – it really makes him look a complete idiot – but remember IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY :))))))).

Admittedly there is fault on both sides. I’m no fan of the ECB really but fair play to them they called KPs bluff and he did not know how to deal with it – he thought he had all the support – HOW WRONG HE WAS :DDDDDDD

But seriously the KP phenomenon fascinates me. He is extremely confident (not even bordering on arrogance – he just is) not that there’s anything wrong with that as he can produce cricket of the highest standard – but you need to be able to take it if you dish it out.

In this situation he tried to make is sound like he was the victim – like a lone antelope being stalked by a group of cheetah who pick and choose when to strike. Why do the press conference he did after Headingley, then the youtube video (desperate and clutching – in my opinion) and all it needed was for him to just admit his faux pas early doors and say sorry sooner rather than later then maybe he might be playing today – he does go on about the fact playing for England is what is most important to him.

According to some of KPs people – he is being singled out and others in the dressing room get away with things – that is something that needs to be looked into because lets be honest – England’s recent track record (test matches not ODI’s or 20/20) since beating a shocking India side last summer is only 3 wins in the last 10 test matches (4 defeats) – 2 of those were home matches versus the now, not so great West Indies. How they still number one in the world is beyond me – but this may not be for long.

All in all this palaver will hopefully allow England to understand that no one person or people are bigger than the team as a whole.

A quick postscript – the fact England are struggling against South Africa – should not be a surprise – as said 3 out of 10 – and SA a crack side with top players. Just before the series started I heard a journalist on the radio pick Jonathan Trott as the number 3 in a combined team – without even mentioning Hashim Amla (CLUELESS ****) and I think some of the England players believed ridiculous press like that – show respect WHOEVER you are playing simple as.

As said I aint his biggest fan – but KP may have done English cricket a favour by speaking out so things can get sorted for the good of the team especially with big series to come (test matches – PROPER CRICKET) with India away and back to back ashes series to come. Good luck Straussy.



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