My hopefully healthy 2016 – Double Bubble (when doable) September – willpower please kick in!!!!!!!

Thursday 1st September

No gym – offski to Manchester Football Writing Festival event straight from work. The hard work begins tomorrow – bright and early – well hopefully.

Friday 2nd September

So I am on leave from work #IBIZATOCOME 🙂 so plan is gym, double sessions may well be shelved for longer ones, todays was near on 2 hours. Workout as follows:- Backrest bike to begin alternating with cross trainer. Then pull weights alternating with backrest bike followed by some leg weights with backrest bike to finish. Good session but no good in isolation!!!!!!!

Saturday 3rd September

Back to the gym but once I began my left knee was hurting big time – so continued but not with the same full on session. Workout as follows:- backrest bike to begin alternating with cross trainer. Then some leg weights before moving onto sit ups, crunches and then legs and arms sit ups. Backrest bike to finish. So not as thorough as was wanting but must keep my health in regards to knee pain, at least I made it. Tommorow’s workout planned in my head, but will see how knee is, though if hurting not an excuse for not going.

Sunday 4th September

Late workout as follows:- Backrest bike to begin alternating with cross trainer. Then leg weights followed by free weights with backrest bike finish. Bad food intake today – needs work as usual!!!!!!!

Yes I was going on holiday, yes I was a tad demotivated on my return, yes I had a bit of illness and yes I had an injury – BUT – that is no excuse for only 4 days of gym trips. Now into October, the blog will continue but feck knows how many entries – FAIL FAIL AND FAILED AGAIN!!!!!!! – DOUBLE BUBBLE MY FECKING ARSE – TALKING A GOOD GAME – WEAK!!!!!!!


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