London 2012 Olympics – was it all that ;)))))))

Heyho – its a couple of weeks since the 17/19 day bonanza which was London 2012!!!!!!! – 65 medals –  29 gold, 17 silver and 19 bronze – we all know the numbers now surely (well unless we have forgotten) BUT – was this Olympics really all that or are we just getting carried away because it was on British soil.  On the sporting side brilliant – I love my sport and will always support that side of the Olympics. As for the ra ra ra of Britain (though mainly London) I’m fully not convinced.

Now a lot of people I know went to the Olympic Park and they regaled to me how good it was and to be fair I’m sure it was from what I heard – the facilities, the organisation, the games makers were brilliant. Even as late as the Wednesday of the second week I was told to just get down there to see it, but I would not be turned – because if I wanted to go all the way down to London – I would have already sorted something – with my admino tendencies  🙂

Now I expect your all thinking I’m a right old grump but as I’ve said I love sport and will always watch, but why was London 2012 so so so much better than any other Olympics – well bias simple as in my opinion. Can anyone give me a reason why London 2012 is the best Olympics ever??????? – other than finishing third in the medal table. I concede it was definitely one of the best in living memory but all the hullabaloo is ridiculous. In my memory of Olympic games  – Sydney in 2000 was top notch as was Barca 1992 and easily matched up to London 2012 but we did not go on and on and on about how great they were.

I’d hope if the Olympics had been in another city in Britain – the funding would have been the same too. If you throw enough money at anything – its bound to work. Which brings me onto the pricing – EXTORTIONATE!!!!!!! – and that’s an understatement. Peeps have said to me, “but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity” – fair enough but there is a recession and I’d rather spend my money on other things to be honest – it was not top of my list, it may be for some and that’s their choice. I do have to admit I did crack and went to Old Trafford to watch the football semi – but only because my mate and his son were coming over – so I’d get a chance to catch up with them – even then I had a bit of a scowl on about the cost – especially in the seats I was in!!!!!! But to be fair and I’ll admit this, it was an enjoyable evening- but mainly cos I got to see my mate and his son – not necessarily just because it was the Olympics. Also I suspect all our so called ambassadors did not pay a penny towards their tickets – hence – I suspect – the additional costs – its a corporate world now.

One final note – one of my biggest irritants about the Olympics is why certain sports are in there. Why football, why tennis ridiculous really. Don’t get me wrong – I loved Muzza winning gold – but it should not be in the Olympics because I suspect he’d have rather won 4 weeks earlier at SW19. Shouldn’t the Olympics be about the pinnacle of your sport – it aint in Tennis or Football (and no one can convince me otherwise). I mean sports like Squash and Netball NOT IN THE OLYMPICS – how illogical is that. And another biscuit – golf, YES GOLF, is going to be in the 2016 Olympics. The corporate boys and girls really taking over now.

What do you think – I’d imagine with this blog – u think I’m completely out of touch. Maybe I am being a bit harsh but I do have some principles and try to look at things at various angles without trying to be too biased ;DDDDDDD. Let me know your thoughts.

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