Whilst sat in the pub watching football with some mates, discussion with one of them turned to who Manchester United can attract to the club this summer after their shambolic season as well as who should be let go. I gave a couple of names in regards to midfield options (Declan Rice and David Brooks for what it is worth) who I thought could be enticed as well as who should leave the club. The thorny issue of what to do with Paul Pogba was mentioned, I have been clear on this for some time, if the right amount (150 million please) is bid then he should be shipped out and the monies spent elsewhere.


My friend agreed with my thoughts on the French World Cup winner and mentioned how that money could be spent, with Ruben Neves and Youri Tielemans being readily available with that amount of cash. I didn’t disagree, but I made the point that why would either of them join Manchester United now. My mate mentioned well they are a bigger club, something I questioned when it comes to the football side. It is clear and obvious the reds of Manchester are now just a laughing stock when it comes to what happens on the playing field, how the balance sheet looks is more important to the power brokers than any sort of league table.  Whilst United are undoubtedly a massive club, they are small fry nowadays when it actually comes to the sporting side as we stand, they are in a real mess and justifiably are seen by a lot of players as a place to avoid like the plague if you want to improve your football prowess ahead of your bank balance.


For me why the heck would somebody like Neves want to leave an on the up Wolverhampton Wanderers side for a badly run joke club, living in the past, that aren’t even in next seasons Champions League, its not even a discussion point for me. Tielemans has done brilliantly on loan at Leicester (a player United should have been looking at in the January transfer window themselves), he has thrived in their team and whilst he has to head back to his parent club Monaco it is pretty much a dead cert he will be sold (for a hefty price) in the summer. He left the French side because they were a club in turmoil, so why go to another one in a similar situation, it makes no sense at all, especially as his form has alerted a number of teams and he will have his pick and there are so many better options, Leicester included.


The Red Devils are a bang average club, with bang average management throughout, with little structure and minimal ambition when it actually comes to winning things. Top players will be steering clear unless United hand out ridiculous wages, something that they have already been burned by with the Alexis Sanchez deal. With football thicko Ed Woodward still running football operations, alongside his 2 oppos, Richard ‘Dickie’ Arnold and supposed contract guru Matt ‘I negotiated the Sanchez contract’ Judge, Man Utd are in real trouble and are light years behind the sides above them which any footballer worth their salt will look at. Sadly I doubt there will be much change for improvement whilst they are still in place pulling all the strings. My advice to the fans of the Old Trafford side is prepare to be underwhelmed, despite talk of a number of signings, this summer.


Speaking of players moving clubs, Gareth Bale has a quandary this summer. He is clearly being marginalised at Real Madrid by returning manager, Zinedine Zidane who wants him out of the club. Reportedly on 600,000 a week there are not going to be any takers willing to take on that commitment, especially given his injury record. Real need to be clever and willing to be creative with a loan deal, but more importantly for the Welshman, he may have to consider taking a wage cut to get playing again. There is a European Championship at the end of next season and Bale will want to be fighting fit to lead his country to the tournament where in 2016 they made the semi-finals. Compromise on all sides is needed, but the most effected party will be the player. We will soon see what Gareth really wants, a furthering to his career at pastures new, if not as high profile, or somebody who just wants the money mercenary style, as surely he has more than enough already. Watch this space.

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