Manchester United = Shambles, A badly run club as we stand – simple as

Louis Van Gaal is a dead man walking surely despite the fact he has an FA Cup final to come this weekend (May 21st). His teams league campaign came to an end with a damp squib of match in their delayed final fixture against, and lets be honest, a lacklustre Bournemouth who were all but on the beach already. The 3-1 win did secure qualification to the EUROPA LEAGUE group phase at least. Thanks Louis!!!!!!!


lvgforlornAnyway at the start of the season targets were as follows (in order of importance if you are Ed Woodward)

  1. Qualification for the Champions League Group phase – which means a third place finish in the league (as budget set for that) – minimum requirement 4th place.

2) A run in the Champions League preferably to the quarter finals (as budget set for that), minimum requirement being qualification from their group.

3) A trophy.



Unfortunately for the Dutchman, the so called philosophy / process has not worked and he has lvgp&ppresided over an ultimately poor season for one of the ‘so called’ biggest clubs in the world. He has used various excuses this season despite a £250+ million outlay over his two underwhelming years and being afforded every little whim, such as shortened pre-season tours and extensive amendments to their training complex.  Injuries is his favourite one, recently he has been questioning the expectations of the club and fans, no surprise really since he has failed miserably this season, by saying they are too high and the club is in transition. A far cry from his initial press conference when he asked to be judged after 3 months, well around 21 months later the judgements are in and they are not very good. The mind numbing football does not help, sideways, sideways, backwards, sideways passing, 49 goals in 38 Premier League games a ridiculous run of home matches during October to December without first half goals, deluded analysis of matches where you think he must have been watching a different game. Oh and its never his fault, credit him as he hardly ever blames the officials, but his players don’t get let off – if something has not gone right – it is most definitely one of the team HE HAS SELECTED AND SET THE TACTICS who youngmade the mistake, you couldn’t make this up. You can go through the squad and count on one hand the number that have improved (not many by the way). He will say he has brought through a number of youngsters and to be fair he stats has – Lingard and summer signing Martial have done well along with Marcus Rashford, but what about Pereira, Wilson, Mcnair even Januzaj, he has taken them backwards by doing what is now know as being VANGAALED – which is when you make a mistake and then you are punished by not playing for a period of time. My particular favourite was when he brought on WINGER, Ashley Young as a striker against Tottenham – United from 0-0, lost 3-0 (Young couldn’t hold the ball up – no surprise – HE IS NO A STRIKER!!!!!!!). Young didn’t play again for the first team until the aforementioned final league game against Bournemouth and that was just a late substitute appearance.


woodwardHis time surely has to be up, unfortunately though the club is run by football idiots who don’t seem to want to sack the so called Iron Tulip. Commercial genius Ed Woodward is a joke as a Chief Executive (on the football side). It is obvious he does not want to sack LVG because he picked him and is now showing he is a huge egomanic. David Moyes was dispensed with ruthlessly once Champions League qualification could not be moyes sackedachieved and for good measure it was leaked to the media before the then manager himself, because he wanted to make a statement that he was in charge and the Scot was NOT his man. And before anyone says oh look ‘Our Eddie’ is sticking by his man, well that’s rubbish, because if he was he would have PUBICALLY backed LVG, at least until the end of the season, but silence from the boardroom at Old Trafford. Woodward needs sidelining to the commercial aspect as another massive financial hole of around 30m needs filling and his expertise on that side will be needed, but any football decisions need to made by someone who actually understands the sport.


fa cup 1990Its funny I have heard people talk about comparisons with 1990, where Manchester United had a manager under huge pressure going into a cup final against Crystal Palace with his job on the line. Whilst in my opinion Alex Ferguson could well have had some trouble keeping hold of his job if he had lost that final, he had overseen an improved end to the season, played easy on the eye football but key was that he was only 48, he had time on his side and could have used that as a bargaining tool. The current incumbent, is 64, he even said this would be his last club contract, so no chance of him taking the team on for a number of years to develop them further. He is lucky to still be in charge and is a busted flush who has not gone with the times. Football has moved on, this relic of a manager hasn’t. The weak board board is no help, and has allowed this – Manchester United are now a team on the slide. The one damning stat is their so called ‘small’ neighbours have now finished above them pepthree seasons running and are clearly as we stand the best side in Manchester and have a far brighter furture with Pep Guardiola choosng them as his next project ahead of the falling giants on the red side of the city. Win or lose on Saturday (21st May) it should make no difference Louis Van Gaal should be let go, hopefully if you are a red of Manchester he will leave having delivered some silverware, no matter how fortunate he is to be in charge at the time.

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