Revenge for India and Captain Kohli especially

Virat Kohli, the Indian test captain is undoubtedly as we stand the best batsman across all formats in the world whatever any rankings say. His performances in international cricket this year have been amazing and dare I say it some people may well (for a split second) might have thought are we seeing the best Indian batsman ever, sacrilege when a certain Sachin Tendulkar is revered, but I suppose time will tell. The latest team to get the treatment has been England who despite themselves putting in an extremely limp performance they have been dominated by the Indians, and a 4-0 series defeat is more than justifiable.


However for all his majestic batting, Mr Kohli is quite the competitor especially when leading the team in test matches. He is not averse to some mind games, with lets be honest veiled digs at their English opposition off the pitch and in your face comments on it. During the series against England he has criticised the opposition for blocking as well as stuck the knife in claiming ‘it was only a matter of time’ before they would crumble as his side clinched the series with a crushing innings victory in the fourth test. To be fair to Kohli he got some fearful stick during his last tour of England in 2014 where he especially was pitiful, his form with the bat was shambolic for his high standards (134 runs in 10 innings) and the hosts made sure he knew about his failings. Something he has clearly not forgotten.


At the moment he is getting his payback and is loving every minute of it. As mentioned there is no doubt Kohli is an outstanding cricketer, but he has an edge, especially as captain and is not adverse to a bit of the rough, tough stuff that comes with being an international cricketer and captain. At the moment it is working perfectly as he plundered 655 runs, averaging 109.16 and was duly named man of the series, the sweetest of sweet revenges. India tour England in the summer of 2018, Mr Kohli will be the one man all the England team will want out of the way and fast and he will want to prove that he can perform on the pitches that he failed so miserably on during his last visit to English shores.

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