Roman’s Club, Roman’s rules – RDM – beats Hughes to the sack race – BUT ONLY JUST!!!!!!!

As their previous manager said when asked for this thoughts – something to the effect of ‘sacking is normal at Chelsea’ – and come on even one eyed Chelsea fans cannot disagree with that one. Anyways what a year down the Kings Road, one of controversy, glory and beginning and ending with a sacking and they still have one more trophy to play for in the World Club Championships – so maybes more glory.

Ok onto the sacking of RDM – now a few weeks ago, Chelski were sitting on top of the league playing scintillating football (arguably they still are, but not winning) and people were talking about a quadruple. But in the matter of a few weeks, 2 wins in 8 and the fact that their Champions League fate is now no longer in their hands, the man who took them to glory in Munich last season has gone 187 days later, ruthless is an understatement.

My view – ridiculous – as you know I’m not a Chelsea fan (I like the colour red and the North West better – inland to avoid confusion) but I have always been of the opinion that managers at Chelsea have to be winning or its goodbye from the Russian and its goodbye from the Russian. Money talks hey and if Roman’s not happy then the axe falls. I mean he owns the club, so if anyone has the right to do it then its him.

It’s a good job he has deep pockets – 8 managers have been and gone (only 7 sacked really as Guus Hiddink left of his own accord). He will claim and fans will that it has brought success (something I cannot deny – but if I stuck a billion pounds into something – it might not necessarily matter who is steering the ship)  but unfortunately in my opinion, the club, which wants to try and become the biggest in the world is becoming a bit of a laughing stock. Don’t win a few games, drop the owners 50m asset (who aint playing well – previously Shevchenko at 30m), don’t tow the party line then its goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

Clearly RDM was never Mr Abramovich’s preferred choice, a certain Mr Guardiola was and still is – so he was on hiding to nothing really, but an FA Cup and most importantly a Champions League victory, allied with the fact that Pep was not going to interrupt his years sabbatical meant the Russian’s hand was forced and a 2 year contract was handed to the former player and lets be honest, Chelsea hero. Unfortunately at the first sign of problems, the owner has taken his chance and its bye bye Roberto.

As mentioned earlier it’s been a tumultuous year at SW6 1HS – they have had to do a lot of fire fighting and defend the club and especially the captain (ahem still can’t work out why one person gets 4 games and another 8 games). Criticism is now constant at the club, especially in regards to hypocrisy over ongoing allegations (I think we all know what that’s all about). Ooh what a surprise no charges to answer :-s

So what next for the rollercoaster that is Chelsea?????? Feck knows – one thing I do know though is that if you are the manager be aware, Rom is at the top, the players are second and the manager is third. As I said Rom owns the club so technically he can do what he wants, but worryingly having the players running a club takes away respect it is trying to garner in my opinion, especially as it could possibly be seen as the club is out of control – maybe it is and strong leadership as well as hard decision making may be required as IMO their reputation as a club is pretty low at the moment.

Ps ‘I would never take the Chelsea job’  and ‘We don’t need to give away flags for our fans to wave – our supporters are always there with their hearts, and that is all we need. It’s the passion of the fans that helps to win matches – not flags.’ – apparently quotes attributed to Senor Benitez – Ouch – well at least Fernando will be happy – has nearly as much influence as JT – the words reep and sow come to mind 😀

Pss You could definitely make a film about the goings on of the current Kings of Europe – who do you reckon could play the key players and what do you think of my thorts. Let me know.

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